Living walls

My Living Wall v. 2.0

My aeroponic living wall was working out well – too well, in fact. Within 6 months it became obvious that the orchids would outgrow their 3″ spaces within another 6 months. Some had even started attaching their roots to the

Our new WordPress website!

I hope that by the time you’ve reached this post, you’ve thoroughly looked through the rest of the website and formed some opinion of it. PLEASE share your opinion in the comments below. I welcome brutal criticism, and I promise

“Recycled Glass” surfaces – not as green as they’re marketed

Since Icestone introduced its glass terrazzo surfaces about 7 years ago, they have grown rapidly in popularity. And one of the main reasons they’ve become popular is that the beautiful multi-coloured glass that the slabs are made with is being

My aeroponic living wall

I have to admit my addiction – this one’s even worse than concrete. It started innocently enough, with a shelf across my living room bay window, so I could keep my few orchids and other plants well out of reach